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Buy server online from for Customisable support levels and pricing plans and 24×7 helpdesk Access to a global team of product-certified engineers.

New Servers is India's largest and most reliable provider of servers, networking equipment, and other IT products. We have a wide selection of products from leading brands such as Dell, HP, etc. You can also buy servers online through our website with ease!

used servers for sale (Refurbished Servers) offers used servers for sale from leading manufacturers across the world, which are tested thoroughly before delivery to ensure optimal performance and reliability of services rendered by them.

Popular Server Faq

1. Does your Dedicated Server sale offer HDD or SSD NVMe options?

Serversupply offers SSD which is faster and more reliable than HDD hosting. In fact, SSD offers up to 10x the read/write bandwidth, as well as lower latency, and is less prone to failure when compared to HDD hosting. We offer NVMe SSDs and HDD in our Dedicated Server Purchase.

2. How much does a single server cost?

A single server with basic configuration can be bought from Rs.20000/- to 80,000/- and a dedicated powerful server can be bought from Rs. 100,000 and above, depending on the server you need.

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